Live Match Other Players Not Showing

Was in multiple matches, none of them showed other players in live match. App Info tab changelogs don’t mention a change to it. I haven’t used the app since it launched last year, and I was able to see teammate and enemy stats.

I checked the website and it shows their stats, but in the app in game it doesn’t.

Hi @AMPGamesYT,

Unfortunately, a lot of things have changed and we had to remove the list of players from the Live Match tab some time ago because of limitations on the Riot side. At the moment, you can find stats of your teammates and opponents in the Match History tab only after playing a match (please note that it usually takes some time to collect the data for new matches).

We have plans to bring this feature back later this year. However, we do not have the release date right now.

Sad to see this. Was one of this things I used to love about it.

When you say you have plans to release it, is it more “we are looking at this as an idea” or more “we are going to do this with high certainty”?

Thank you for your reply!

We are going to do this with high certainty. :slight_smile:

We still need to overcome some limitations and verify our latest concept. When everything works as we expect, this feature will be released for everyone.

Alright, thank you so much!!!

Hi @AMPGamesYT,

We have made the roster our high priority recently, and it is available for everyone in the app now. We will be happy to know your opinion on this feature when you have a chance to use it.

Please note we can show stats of players in the current game mode only if their profiles are public. However, we expect that you will be able to get more information on your teammates and opponents if their ranks are Immortal or Radiant (in this case, we can get their stats even if their profiles are private).

Moreover, please keep in mind that this feature is available in Competitive, Unrated and Spike Rush only. The app does not support other game modes right now.

P.S. We have refreshed the app theme and made a lot of small improvements in the last few weeks. We hope you find them useful as well.

Hey, just saw this and was really excited!!

Is the player rank what is actually the in game behind the scene hidden MMR? Because if yes thats really cool! It doesnt match up in game player rank, but its good like this!

The player rank in the app should match the player rank in the game. If it is not, please let us know and send us your Overwolf logs to help us understand the issue.

hello in my case in the rooster section its not showing any of the players name or rank so what should i do

Hi @mortalji,

Please find a link above and send us your game logs.