Live Tracker permanently disabled

Completely baffled why this is allowed to happen. The major (if not only reason) for this tracker is the live feature. Activision bullying everyone into hiding hackers instead of fixing the issues. Now regular players cant enjoy a game anymore without running into cheaters or streamers being allowed to scam there way into Bot lobbies. complete garbage

Hi @Coakley09,

As a third party tool, the app must follow the game developer/publisher guidelines. We had to disable the live match features for maintenance to figure out what we can do to stay within Activision rules. Unfortunately, it does not seem possible to bring those features back at the moment and we are looking for possible replacements.


I understand your wish as a company to stay within the developer/publish guidelines. However, the people that create hacks for this game don’t care about those guidelines. You are the people that can make a difference in the community by helping to identify cheaters. Being able to point out the problem in real time is the first major step in being able to do anything about it. The fact that you can have a tracker like this that can be available at the flip of a switch is huge. The hackers aren’t going to listen to Activision and just stop, and neither should you. If you truly want to help the gaming community overcome the hacking problems you would put your foot down and keep this live tracker going. If Activision isn’t going to monitor their own game for cheaters, let the people do it for them.

Your decision to buckle and let Activision tell you what to do only enables the cheaters and hurts everyone else. Don’t let them bully you into covering up for the cheaters. It’s the whole, “If we just stop testing, the numbers will magically drop to zero” crap we’ve seen from our leadership in the United States.

There are hackers, and with the help of your app it is possible to find them. If Activision refuses to do anything, you have to step up to the plate. Imagine being the company that manages to finally build a dam that helps quell the inflow of cheating in online games. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste.


I agree with what you are saying, however nothing is going to change, our desires will keep being ignored as I believe they’d rather avoid the lawsuits against a company like Activision.

‘However, the people that create hacks for this game don’t care about those guidelines.’

We care about those guidelines; we work with developers and not against them. Trust me we wish this was an easy fix but right now we don’t have an addaquette solution.

As a player, I would totally agree with you since I share your thoughts about cheating in any game. However, as a developer, I understand that we either follow the guidelines or loose a possibility to create tools for Warzone at all.

Please remember that the app is not a standalone software, it is published on the Overwolf Appstore. If we break the rules, Overwolf will remove the app. If Overwolf decides to keep the app, Activision will ban Overwolf in Warzone. Unfortunately, we have seen this situation earlier this year when other app developers labeled players as cheaters and things got out of control. In the end, it benefited no one.

As I said, we are still looking for possible replacements, but we are extremely limited in options now.

It’s to bad they are handcuffing you guys with this. Hopefully you guys can come up with something in the near future.

You guys are doing a good job, thank you!