Log in issue on app

I’ve just tried logging in to the mobile app for the first time. After putting in my email address I am presented with an authentication code which was successful.

Now I’m in the app, and want to use the tracker in game. I’m redirected to the website and asked to log in. At no point during the sign up journey have I been promoted to create a password. I cannot register on the website to make an account with password as I now have an account with this email.

It was frustrating, so I hit the button to delete account and data, in the hopes I can sign up online instead and avoid the poor app journey. You need to sign in to do this, but I can’t sign in.

Tried to use support but it’s blocked with a paywall.

I need someone to reach out to me from support to fix this. Blocking support and not being able to request the removal of my account (along with it personal data) is a breach of GDPR. I will approach the ICO if nobody can reach out to assist.

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. We can clear this up. I want to establish a couple facts first, to clarify.

First of all, which game are you playing?

Are you using just the mobile app, or the mobile app in addition to the Overwolf in-game app or website?

We’re currently testing a new sign in flow which is only available on the mobile app, for which you are a part of the test group. If you attempt to sign in on web you will be shown the old sign in flow and will be stuck and unable to sign in on the web.

We’re aware this is a terrible experience. We’ll try to get the new sign in flow released on the web as soon as possible.

For now, your best option would be to attempt a password reset which should allow you to set a password to continue using our services: https://thetrackernetwork.com/auth/resetpassword?domain=account.tracker.gg&client=