Login Authentication

Can’t log in in the app, deleted and reinstalled and nothing. Keeps saying there’s an authentication error when trying to log in.

Having the same problem on Android

Hey @jasonomega and @Stanaslos,

What version of the app are you running? You can check by tapping More on the bottom navigation bar, then Settings, and tell me what it says under “App Version”.

Thanks in advance!

Version 3.21.5±218

@Reprevise Same as @Stanaslos

@jasonomega @Stanaslos Can you update the app to 3.21.8+222 and follow the steps here to copy the logs and paste them in a reply here so that we can see what’s going on?

[http-request] [GET] /api/v1/localization/list/shared/en?cb=3.21.8
[http-response] [GET] /api/v1/localization/list/shared/en?cb=3.21.8
Status: 200
Message: OK
[http-request] [GET] /api/v1/localization/list/app/en?cb=3.21.8
[http-response] [GET] /api/v1/localization/list/app/en?cb=3.21.8
Status: 200
Message: OK
[INFO] | 11:26:30 276ms | Initializing AppStartNotifier
[GOOD] | 11:26:30 438ms | Review prompt is available
[INFO] | 11:26:30 442ms | Initializing AuthStateNotifier
[INFO] | 11:26:30 472ms | User is initially logged out
[GOOD] | 11:26:30 631ms | AppStartNotifier successfully initialized
[http-request] [GET] /api/v1/localization/list/r6siege/en?cb=3.21.8
[http-response] [GET] /api/v1/localization/list/r6siege/en?cb=3.21.8
Status: 200
Message: OK
[http-request] [GET] /api/v2/r6siege/system-status
[http-request] [GET] /api/v1/articles?limit=10&skip=0
[INFO] | 11:26:30 836ms | Subscribing to topics: app, new-features
[INFO] | 11:26:30 836ms | Subscribing to topics: r6siege
[http-response] [GET] /api/v2/r6siege/system-status
Status: 200
Message: OK
[http-response] [GET] /api/v1/articles?limit=10&skip=0
Status: 200
Message: OK
[http-request] [GET] /api/v1/articles?limit=10&skip=0&tags=r6siege
[http-response] [GET] /api/v1/articles?limit=10&skip=0&tags=r6siege
Status: 200
Message: OK
[INFO] | 11:26:35 850ms | Running sign in
[EXCEPTION] | 11:26:38 114ms | Exception during auto code exchange
PlatformException(authorize_and_exchange_code_failed, Failed to authorize: [error: null, description: Invalid ID Token], ID Token expired, null)
StackTrace: #0 StandardMethodCodec.decodeEnvelope (package:flutter/src/services/message_codecs.dart:653)
#1 MethodChannel._invokeMethod (package:flutter/src/services/platform_channel.dart:315)

#2 MethodChannelFlutterAppAuth.authorizeAndExchangeCode (package:flutter_appauth_platform_interface/src/method_channel_flutter_appauth.dart:37)

#3 AuthStateNotifier._signInWithAutoCodeExchange (package:trn_v2/provider/auth.dart:231)

#4 AuthStateNotifier.signIn (package:trn_v2/provider/auth.dart:105)

[http-request] [POST] /services/T0JLUGVG8/BDACDK6SH/O2eNDgHvYZY69Xeq8JKQpX6t
[http-response] [POST] /services/T0JLUGVG8/BDACDK6SH/O2eNDgHvYZY69Xeq8JKQpX6t
Status: 200
Message: OK

App updated, same crash notification, those are the logs.

@Stanaslos can you visit https://time.is and let me know how far behind/forward your clock is?

7 minutes and 7 seconds ahead

@Stanaslos Can you try restarting your device to allow the device to sync the time correctly and try to sign-in again?

Hey @jasonomega and @Stanaslos, the app has been updated to 3.21.9+223 on Android (iOS will be released in a few days). Try out the new authentication flow and let me know if it works.


Yes, it worked and was able to log in, thanks!

Glad to hear it!

Feel free to create a new thread if you encounter any more issues with the mobile app or across any of our products.

Pls help me

Hi @Mathissj,

Please create a new thread to receive help and please explain what your issue is.

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