Lost my mystic rank badge and streak badge

I had a mystic rank badge and a streak 3 badge and I logged into my account one day I was signed out and when I signed back in I lost both my badges

Can only post one photo

(photo shows my account currently I don’t have badges anymore)

Couple things to check: are you sure you’re on the same TRN account? The Riot account is obviously the same but I wonder if you accidentally linked it to a new TRN account (awards are attached to the TRN user account NOT the Riot account). The other question I have is if you’re sure you ever had a 60 day streak. We had some bugs early on and it’s possible it was awarded incorrectly and then the badge was removed for users who received the award by accident.

Sorry I forgot I had sent something here yes I had a real 60 day streak I tried to log in with all my accounts but none of them worked not sure if I just lost the Gmail that was connected to the old account but is it possible to get those badges back?

We’d only be able to confirm which TRN user has the badges if you can provide the possible usernames or associated emails. If we can find the account, then you can move your Riot account to that TRN user by signing into the TRN user and then signing into the Riot account through the app.

If you want, you can share those usernames/emails here (this is a public thread) or by messaging me directly.

How do I message directly?