Lost my streak!

I have been very updated about getting my streak in time, I managed to get 7 days streak without any problem and went for next step.

The app notice me about 1 hour left until my streak would run out so I logged in and did it in this timeline. Even though, I have lost my streak now and I can’t understand it…

Please help me fix this issue!


Everyone lose their streak for no reason. Nobody responding. Useless feature! I’m canceling premium. Useless.


Oh, that’s sounds terrible! @stilloverkill
So you even was paying and didn’t got help either?

With this problem no!

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I lost my 43 day streak for no reason last night too. It did keep me checking the app everyday. But unless they fix my streak again, I’m done. I asked if they could fix it and they deleted my post and got no response.

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Okay, that’s sound also unprofessional if they just delete a post without reach out to you even…? @Mountaintop488

I hope for the best and the time will tell.

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Thank you my friend!
Hoping this all gets fixed for everyone!

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Nothing is fixed! It actually doesn’t count my streak at all now. Playing every day, several hours and still Wednesday is marked as last day I played. Also points is stucked on same amount for 5-6 days (680 points). I payed for premium and profile photo not showing. Already canceled. Also my peak rating isn’t correct. This site and app has serious problem. Useless for me now.

Hi @stilloverkill,

We are currently working on fixes and improvements to this system. I have shared your case with our team, we will review it.

Please be patient, we may not be able to response immediately. Also, please note that Premium members have access to direct support channels for faster response times.

Hi @Mountaintop488,

Your post was not deleted. You may not see it because of newer posts.

I asked to review your case as well. Meanwhile, I will close that post, you will get a response here.

Okay, thank you for the follow up!
Much appreciated. I really do love this app and was really put off that my streak reset again.
Any help would be great. I recommend this app to my whole community on Discord which is 6k strong. I also own a gaming business which works up and down the East Coast of the US. The only reason I say this is because I want to let my players know the best apps for the games they love. Thanks @LostBlood

Hey folks, I’m in charge of this feature. This certainly isn’t the experience we want to give you when you choose to commit to maintaining a streak. So I’ve got a few questions.

@Nefots You mentioned the app notified you 1 hour before the streak would run out. Do you remember what time this was approximately? The “at risk” notification is supposed to send to you 6 hours before the end of the day – so 18:00/6pm your time (your streak will end at 00:00/12am the following day.) If this isn’t happening for you, please confirm the date and time on your device is accurate, and confirm for me that the timezone is set correctly. The timezone is important because it’s what we use to convert between our time and yours for scheduling.

@Mountaintop488 If you could please let me know the same regarding date/time/timezone.

As @LostBlood mentioned, we’re working on improvements to tracking.

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I’ve restored all your streaks @Nefots @stilloverkill @Mountaintop488 – but if you can provide any more info as per my last comment that would be helpful. Thanks.

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When I started to play, the time was 20:00/8 PM my time.
If midnight is when the streak should be reseted it’s very wierd that mine tells me 21:00/9 PM? Or is it counted from like the very first time you start your streak?
I didn’t play at all now becasue I have been waiting for your respond, so I guess my streak is destroyed anyway right?
So the streak was gone from Thursday 7/12 21:00 o’clock. @Loch

My streak is now 0 so thanks a lot! Done with this nonsense!

Hey @Loch ,

I am Eastern Standard Time.
Thursday, November 7th.
Played Lego Fortnite, played a few matches in the morning before 10am EST.
Got the streak warning later on, which I tapped to secure my streak.
Woke up Friday morning to see my streak gone.
Hope this helps

Thank you for all your help!

No streak restored for me and also I played yesterday and today and no day counted! And 0 Division points earned. Was in Mythic, now in Hero 0 points.

@Nefots The first time you check in on/after Monday each week it should register your current timezone, which it uses for that week. If you change timezones mid week you might see a time that doesn’t correlate with 12am. But the timezone is based on what your device reports as your timezone, so if that isn’t set correctly then you can have issues.

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@stilloverkill Are you checking in on the app each day you play? That is essential. Simply playing matches won’t maintain the streak, you have to use the app and see a green checkmark on the streak widget on the Dashboard.

@Mountaintop488 I see, thanks. We had some issues with Fortnite last week and streaks were broken for a lot of users. We did a corrective measure to restore streaks.