Lowered Fortnite Multiplier and Streak


I noticed today that the Multiplier in Fortnite, Mythic Division. Is now 2.3. It used to be 3.5.
Was this lowered recently or a result of Mythic Division placement?

I have a current streak of over 75 and now it’s 35?

Anyone else have this happen?

  • Mountain

Hey @Mountaintop488 I figured you’d be one of the people to mention this issue. We just changed how we track streaks. Because of how we fixed your streak a few weeks ago you’re one of the affected people. Give me a few minutes and I’ll have your account fixed.

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After applying the patches to your XP, your streak has been adjusted to 110 days. Probably more than you were expecting, but I can assure you the count is accurate. A streak shield was applied to a 1-day gap in two separate places where our tracking was inaccurate, so hopefully you don’t feel as though you’ve cheated the streak. You earned it!

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Thanks @Loch !

I honestly don’t remember how high the streak was just that I hadn’t missed a day. Last time I looked it was 75 or higher.

Thanks for the quick fix! You are awesome and always on the money.

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