Map History only shows the last round

I notice that for about 2 weeks, I only see the last round in the map tab. The rest of the app works

App Log:

The bug as the side effect to make the K-D wrong (always 1 d).

Hi, would you mind uploading the logs again please? Having trouble accessing them.


It’s likely a Ubisoft security feature is breaking Overwolf’s game events plugin. The security system affects players in different ways.

In order to solve the issue for you and others, Overwolf will need certain files from you, instructions follow:

  1. Please navigate to C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Ubisoft\r6siege
  2. Open the file named “R6Status” (open with notepad).
  3. Within the R6Status file, you’ll see two version numbers:
    If you were seeing issues whilst playing on DirectX (normal version) note down the version number you see at the top. If you were seeing issues on Vulkan, note down the version number at the bottom.
  4. Close R6Status file, you should see a folder which matches the version number you just noted down.
  5. Please send the full contents of this folder (you can zip up if you wish) & the R6Status file to:
  6. Please send me the link to the files. Can DM the link on discord if you prefer: @itspost

Hi @Post ,

Thanks for the detailed follow-up.

The R6Status:


I have reuploaded the game logs: AppLogs_2023-07-15_15-56-34

The content of the Local file is at this link: Y8S2.3.0_C7675263_D1637483_S52558_58222837

Thank you! Forwarded to Overwolf. Hopefully they can sort the issue tomorrow.

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I noticed that tonight and last night I have all my matches history as expected. Not sure what changed but it is working now.