Match History Not Updating for over a week

I’ve been using RB6Tracker for months without significant issues; I love the app!

However, since June 13, no matches have been recorded in the match history tab.

The rest of the application works. For example, I see changes in the Live Match when playing and the Trends section updating. However, the matches in the history are not updated.

I have rebooted my machine without changes.

Hey @noSleep_rb6,

Can you try these steps first please? It’s possible your Overwolf version is out-of-date:

If you continue to see issues after completing these steps, I’ll need your app logs to understand the cause of the issue.

Thanks for the response.

I rebooted daily for over a week; thus, Overwolf was closed and restarted many times. It did not fix the issue.

Here is a link to the zip file with the app log.

I hope it helps. Have a great day.

I wonder if this might correlate with when I started running Siege in Administration mode. I recall doing some optimization that I read online to get the game run with better performance, and that was one thing that I remember changing around that time. Maybe Rainbow Six tracker does not work well in some specific settings of the game/os?

Running the game in Admin mode can potentially cause issues. I’d suggest trying without admin perms and seeing if that fixes the issue. If it doesn’t, please let me know.

Hello, I want to confirm that it started to work again once I stopped playing Siege under Admin mode.

Maybe, it would be interesting to add a banner inside the game if this happens to avoid people’s confusion, as running Siege in Admin is an option propagated on the Internet to improve the game performance. Thanks for the support, I love the application and am glad it is working again. Have a great day.

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