Match tracker not working at all anymore

I assume since the most recent update on Sept 8, activision now blocking the ‘after game’ match tracker. First was the live tracker ban, but i was using the ‘after game’ match tracker to instantly see the match stats. It was much faster than waiting for the cod tracker website to update (as you would only get to see those stats after the entire match was done, regardless if you died early) .

Do you have a planned fix for this? Or do we just need to wait for an update?

I have paid for premium, and at this point the app is completely useless I have to say.

Hi @booshaka,

The in-game features are not available right now due to issues on the Overwolf side:


As of now, we are not aware of any Activision decisions to block Overwolf again and we hope the problem will be resolved soon.

Yes i did notice the service status, but I assumed it just correlated with Activision being a shit company and wanting to not show peoples stats again.

Im glad to hear its being updated though, thanks

The in-game features should be available now. Please let us know if you still have any issues.

its working now thanks!