Matches - Mode Deathmatch is missing

In the match overview all deathmatch rounds show as lost, but place 1-3 is win in this mode.
It would great if this is correct visible.

Is there a reason that this is not supported? Probably the required data is missing


At the moment we have that particular stat configured so that 1st place is the win.

While I can understand your frustration here i’m not 100% familiar with the game mode; i’ll look into it and see if things need to be changed.

Thank you for highlighting this.

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I think i understand i see in the match list all as lost. Probably the code dm_hc is not supported. All matches where i was in the first place are also lost.
Team Deathmatch hardcore is visible as Team Deathmatch Hardcore but Deathmatch Hardcore is visible as dm_hc. So i think it could be this is not supported.
Greetings Thomas

Here you can see what i see.

It would be nice to see the correct name, place and green win marking.

Hi @asllad,

Could you give us a link to your profile please? We need it to verify the issue.

We will replace dm_hc with the correct mode name on our website soon. However, we cannot distinguish wins for this mode due to limitations of the Call of Duty APIs.