Matches not tracked

Sometimes it happens that the tracker can’t log some matches. Is there a way to prevent this?

Hi @Flavy,

If this issue happens again, could you give us more information about your recent match (date, game mode, map, your stats, etc.) that does not appear on our website? Please note we also need to know your Valorant nickname. This is the only way we can check if there is a bug on our side.

Hello. This time it happened when the site was incredibly slow, or completely unusable. This specific match took place at approssimately 11 pm CEST, it was an unrated match in icebox (I think it was this map), I had 32 kills, 16 deaths and 5 assists, and I was using Killjoy. My valorant nickname is Flavy#5031.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that sometimes it shows “Match in queue for processing”, but it appears and disappears randomly