Medals leaderboards not working

Hey @qiqe121097 welcome back and thanks for the report.

I believe the medals category is meant to be used in the “Overall” section of the leaderboards, not the “Playlist” section. I’m able to pull up the medals leaderboard here:

It seems that I´m not in the national leaderboard, I made the maths and doesn´t work, IDK if the reason is that I changed my nickname on also made the maths from the overall ¨new¨medals section for the first place, then used the overall medals leaderboard and they r not the same. I feel like they r not sync.

Changing your name does cause some interruption in stats gathering while every part of the infrastructure tells each other to start looking at your new name while also corroborating your old name.

I’ve seen this take a few hours to a few days. When did you change your name?

ABOUT 5 DAYS i think so

still dont get the update

nothing yet , but thanks