Missing Peak MMR and Rank From Season 9

Last night before reset, a buddy and I grinded 2s and got to C3 (1321). After the games last night, TRN showed my 1321 peak in the lifetime chart and grid values. However, today that peak is gone from everything, however, my 1321 promotion game is logged in the recent matches list since I had the website up while I was playing.

Has the season reset completely wiped out my play session from yesterday?

Images from today showing the peak is missing, but the 1321 C3 promotion match is in TRN data somewhere since its in the recent matches.

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Hi, I have a similar issue to your’s. My last season’s rank in 2v2 and tournament was gc1 and I sat those ranks until the end of the season. However on my tracker page its showing mid champ 3 for 2s and tournaments for last season.

here is a link to my page: 76561198828779390's Rocket League Stats - Rocket League Tracker

They seems to be showing the mmr after the season reset. Hopefully this thread can get some attention, so it can get fixed.