Missing Strongholds and King of the Hill stats

The zone specific stats are showing as 0’s for some reason. This was working previously.
@sgtfrankieboy I know you assisted with a bug similar to this that was specific to strongholds in the past. Any ideas what’s going on?

if you look at Total Zone Occupation Time you can see the entire team had 0 but that’s impossible since the game was won

here is the match link for reference:

bumping for visibility

@sgtfrankieboy @LostBlood @Lewie

I’m not trying to be a pain but this issue does affect every players stats on the site. Is there any chance this is going to be fixed?

@sgtfrankieboy @LostBlood @Lewie
Hey guys, checking in here again

@Post are you able to assist with this at all?

@sgtfrankieboy @LostBlood @Lewie @Post

Just looking for some support here. I know you all probably have a lot going on but not even a single response after over 3 weeks is quite frustrating

@sgtfrankieboy @LostBlood @Lewie @Post
checking in on this again

@sgtfrankieboy @LostBlood @Lewie @Post
checking in yet again

@sgtfrankieboy @LostBlood @Lewie @Post
Is anyone available to assist?

Stronghold stats are now fixed on the match details page.

Awesome, thank you for getting that fixed up!