Mobile app XP streak reset


I’ve recently started utilizing the XP feature in the mobile app in order to obtain different badges, account levels, etc. And so for the past month, I’ve been trying to achieve a 7 day XP streak and yesterday it reset itself for the 3rd time and this time it was at 6 days (1 away from the Streak I badge)…and I know for an absolute fact that I played rocket league both yesterday and on Monday. How do the streaks work? Is it a 24 hour period from the time you check in each day or does it reset at midnight local time every day? It’s been very frustrating trying to understand how the streak system works. Would there by chance be any way that my streak can be recovered this time? Thanks for the help.


I have this problem too. I use the iOS app and I log in every time that I play Rocket League, yet it does not always register that I have played and I end up losing my streak - and I also drop divisions or don’t move up a division when I’m supposed to, because the app doesn’t register that I’ve played matches and it doesn’t grant me XP. It’s so glitchy it’s unreal - no way would I pay for Premium when it clearly doesn’t work properly!

Thanks for the report guys. We’ve done some bug fixing today for Rocket League, so we’re hoping these issues have been addressed. Please let me know if the situation is improved for you. Thanks!

So far so good. Seems to be working a lot better now. I just played my first match today and it updated immediately. Thank you!