Money is still being taken from my account!

I made a complaint about transactions still being taken out of my account from signing up with the TRN Membership that I had gotten rid of 3 months after starting it. I no longer have that Membership now but I’m still getting charged for it. I have gotten no responses Back from any TRN Team Members and I’m am Very upset about it. Do better with your Services. I should not have to Be a TRN Membership owner to get in contact with a TRN associate! It is very frustrating that I am being charged for a Membership that I haven’t had in almost 6months!


Hi, your premium lapsed back in March of 2022 (Specifically the account you are messaging from now)

I cannot see any transactions that would suggest you are still getting billed for a premium; can you please email me evidence of this directly? Please do not share this in a public manner.

My direct email is [email protected]

Thank you