My Account and Fortnite Tracker returns 404

Hi there,

my Fortnitetracker page and profil returns a 404.
Fortnite is public. Never changed my epicname.

epicname is derHaase

is there something i can do?

kind regards

Hi @derHaase,

Does your profile work for you now?

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its still down, same for me.

yes, it works, thank you <3

I have the same problem, epic name is: Niino

Hi @MrNino,

Could you please make sure that your profile is public as explained on this page?


The settings is correct in game as in public stats. I am not on PSN though, it’s a PC epic game account.

I dont get a “Profile private” error but 404 not found

Same here, my acc is public but returns 404, changed my name once because my child played on my account and put their age in, changing my name to OldMoose(4 numbers I cant remember) so I changed my user to MJCoolDude123 again. I didnt check after that but it worked before. I did link my PSN to my account tho