My account is not banned, but inside R6 TRACKER, it is banned

My account is not banned, but inside R6 TRACKER, it is banned

pls fixxxxx


Hi @danyyy

We do not remove bans unless Ubisoft has confirmed directly that an account was stolen/hijacked by someone and then used for malicious activity OR a ban was applied in error (such as a false positive)

In most cases, the first ban of an account is a temporary ban for seven days; after those seven days, you could play again. (Basically a warning) - While the game will allow players to keep using their account, we would still leave the ban notice within the account history as it is accurate 99.9% of the time.

If you request that we remove your ban history, please provide evidence of your account login activity and chat records with Ubisoft for that period.

Again, we will not consider ban removals unless evidence is provided.

Thank you

  1. My dear friend, what should I do now? I got banned because of the Ubisoft bug And now, after my talks with Ubisoft, my account has been unbanned How can I send you a message through Ubisoft so that you can see that I was not a cheater and that I was mistakenly banned? And delete my history?

Now what can I do to prove to you that I am wrong? Send you my chat history with Ubisoft?

@danyyy You can DM me here or Email [email protected] and make sure if you do email you send a link to this post so i can track down the info :slight_smile:

I’ll also need your Ubisoft ID/TRN name just to verify the account.

Thank you

What evidence should I send you so that you will know that Ubisoft has banned my account by mistake?

Chat logs with Ubisoft are a good start :slight_smile:

Any emails they sent.

Thank you

Now I will send Ubisoft’s email