My account wont show up when I search it

When I searched my username nothing came up so I think I need a little help
Ps4 : KuhlasCool

Thank you! :smiley:

Hi @Mostlyhappy,

I think this is your game profile:

Unfortunately, Apex Legends APIs have quite many limitations which is why searching for your profile might not work sometimes. In this case, please use the link above.


Oh! Thank you so much!!

I’m also having the same issue for r6tracker, my username, Pykr, doesn’t show up when searched

@LostBlood I am new here and didn’t want to start a new thread but I also can’t seem to find my PlayStation profile for Apex in the search, can you help? (Mazza4321)

Thank you :blush:

I found that if you don’t see your name when searching just hit search and it should find it.

it did for me at least


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