My accounts data is completely incorrect

I just pulled up my account and originally thought I must have input the wrong username or something. It’s showing match history that never happened and my career totals are completely off.
I doubled checked that my in-game Epic ID matched, and it did. For reference, my career totals in TRN show Goals: 495, Assists: 181, Saves: 282. In game, my career totals show Goals: 724, Assists: 221, Saves: 379.
For today’s Match History, it’s showing I played one match of Rumble, Snowday, Ranked 2v2, ‘Multiple’, Ranked 1v1, Casual. And the only one of those matches that has any actual data tied to it is the ‘Multiple’ (what even is that) with 17 goals and 30 shots. Which, definitely did not happen (One would remember getting 17 goals in one match, lol). But today all I played today (the very early hours of Sept 14th) was a few rounds of casual 3v3 and 1 round of ranked 3v3.
If someone could look into this or lead me in the right direction of how to get this corrected it would be much appreciated.
Epic ID: EviBean