My daily streak has been reseted

Today I opened the Tracker app and realized I lost my 130~ days streak.

I played Valorant yesterday and opened the app as usual, and it said everything was alright with my daily streak. But today, when I opened the app again it says my daily streak is now of 1 day.

I added some screenshots where you can see I played some matches yesterday and, at the same time, the daily streak was reseted because it appears as I didn’t play yesterday.

Please help me with this, I have been doing this for months, day by day, and now is all gone without any reason.

Here’s the prove that I played Valorant yesterday. You can see the app registered I did it.

More evidence.

More evidence.

Same with my 75-day streak and nobody answers me for 4 days(

Your streak has been recovered. Note that we also provide streak shields now, which will prevent your streak from being broken in if a similar situation arises in the future. Thanks.