My daily streak is gone

My daily streak reset for some reason. I currently have an 8 day streak which means I didn’t play a game 9 days ago when the streak reset, but but I did. I had around a 50-60day streak, I was wondering if I could get it restored? I added a screenshot of the game I played 9 days ago in the reply because I can only upload 1 image here

I also got a shield from the mythic reward but it got used immediately even though my streak said completed for today, can I get that back as well?

You have to check in with the app to ensure the streak is maintained. Simply playing the game does not maintain the streak. Think about it as “collecting” the XP when you open the app. I’m assuming that hasn’t been done because you just noticed after 9 days. But let me know if that’s incorrect. I will restore the streak as a courtesy.

Regarding the shield, it looks like you have one “active” shield there in the screenshot. That’s like a “ready to be used” state, which is what you want. When you activate it from the inventory that’s where it goes. You can only have one active at a time. Without digging deeper, it looks like that’s what happened. But if that 1 shielded was already there and you think you still lost a shield, I can look into that.

Thanks for the reply, I thought the shield was used as it was in the “shielded” place, which imo sounds like its been used as it is past tense.

About the streak, I noticed on the next day when it was reset, but I was busy and forgot to make the ticket until now. I remember checking in to the app.