My match history is missing many matches

My match history on TRN is missing a number of games and even a full day of games. These are showing up within my career tab on fortnite.

Can someone please help me get my matches showing up on the tracker?

Hi @h3llevator7,

The match history in Fortnite is based on changes in your stats between profile updates.

For example, if you have 1000 kills and 25 matches in Overview right now, we will save these values and compare them to the new values (for example, 1005 kills and 26 matches) when you visit your profile next time. The difference between them is 5 kills and 1 match, which means you played a match and killed 5 opponents between profile updates and we can reliably show it as an individual match in your match history.

We have to use this approach due to technical limitations (it is impossible to track real matches in Fortnite). We cannot “restore” your previous matches because we cannot track your past changes in stats.

Please update your profile regularly between matches to track each individual match in your profile. This is currently the only possible option.