My Medal Stat page is not working

Hello! I am having a issue with my halo gamertag isnt displaying my medal stats it just keeps loading the TRN logo over and over again. However, everything else works perfectly fine. Also, I can look up my friends gamertags and their medal stats will load so it just seems to be a problem with mine.

My Gamertag is shortytheman

Thanks for all you guys do.


The same thing is happening to me everything else works and all my freinds medals work but just mine keep loading. I tried using a different device but no one can see my medals. :confused:

My user is OffTHE WINNER

@OffTHE_WINNER I can see your profile’s medal page just fine: OffTHE WINNER's Medal Statistics - Halo Infinite Tracker

@Shortyorc1 I can’t seem to get yours to load at shortytheman's Medal Statistics - Halo Infinite Tracker. I think that the gamertag is wrong though - when I went to (where the medal tracking is being pulled from) and input the name you gave, it told me that no gamertags like “shortytheman” exist and that I should instead search for “Shorty The Man”.

When I did this, the medals pulled up. Can you confirm if this is your profile?

I claimed the account and them it started working.

Same just the logo loading . No medals show

How do you claim the account ?

Top left under the ‘search profile’