My peak 2s rank is very incorrect by alot

my 2s peak shows 1468 GC1 from season 20 when ive played every season since OG season 2. in 2s i peaked 1575 GC2 F2P season 10 but it wont show on my profile.

Hi @Blockbelt,

We started tracking peak ranks a couple of seasons ago. Unfortunately, this data about peak ranks is not available for older seasons, there is no way for us to detect if you reached higher ranks in the past.

F2P season 10 was only 2 seasons ago

i see it partially updated my 2s peak. my peak was in gc2 1575 so close. i have screenshot

heres screenshot

As far as I can see, there is no information about this rank in your profile on our website (76561198115378608's Rocket League Stats - Rocket League Tracker). In this case, there is no way to update your peak rank.

Please note that we cannot update your rank manually if some data is missing in your profile.

dang what if i attached the replay file

No, sorry, we cannot change any stats manually even if there is a reliable proof.

On my rank graph it shows that I’ve been 1919 mmr, however my peak says 1829. I’d say the data is there, and is not old, however it doesn’t show on my peak