My profile doesn’t load my stats

My account, FrostyIceBoi, won’t load the stats on the app

Hi there @FrostyIceBoi and welcome back!

I see you had previous issues getting things loading on your profile for Vanguard. Is that the same issue here?

Additionally, which app are you having problems with? The Overwolf app, phone app, or maybe the website?

There are a couple things you can do to help ensure everything is set up correctly:

  • Ensure your profiles are linked in the Manage Linked Accounts page, linking whichever service you use to launch the game (, PSN, XBL, or
  • If you’re using the Overwolf App, make sure that you launch Overwolf and then the Tracker app before launching the game and keep them open.
  • If using the Overwolf App, you may need to play a few games first before the tracking occurs and your profile shows up.

Hopefully this helps! If not, please explain what you are doing and what you’re expecting with screenshots if you can. That will help the TRN team best track down what is happening and hopefully provide you with a sufficient resolution.

– Smurf