My profile is not updating


We can only detect your rank change once you complete another match and refresh your profile. It’s a restriction of Riot’s API.

i tried it.i tried even reinstalling it but didnt work btw my account isnt updating since aprils 16th

Try anyone’s valorant profile, games are not being updated for anyone, and some profiles are going “private” randomly, something’s weird

@ECLACCSES @Dauntless7

Riot had an outage last night which also caused a nasty bug to appear. We’re fixing the issue, but it could take one day or more. Apologies.

thank you but this problem is since aprils 16

its jun 16 and my profile still has not been updated, it says that my peak is 322rr while now im chilling over 400rr

Have you found a solution.

I am experiencing the same exact issue as you. Even I just earned plat, it is still saying that my peak is gold 3, which is not true. I been constantly updating and waiting for days but still shows my account as peak gold 3.

If you play one more match, we’ll see your rating change. This is a limitation of Riot’s public API.

Hi, i’m experiencing the same issue. Played two games already since the Haven game and it still won’t update. I’ve also tried to unlink/link my account as well as to disable then enable it again yet it still won’t register.

Hi, there are issues preventing us from loading matches from the Asia-Pacific region. We’ve contacted Riot about the issue, hopefully fixed soon.

If you’re not from this region, please let us know.

I have the same issue but I am in the EU region, any idea if its also a problem with the API?

What’s your riot name and tag please?

my riot is faun#9684, i have played 2 games in comp and 1 unrated today, which arent shown. also, it says i was last online yesterday

All your matches should be showing up now, or in the next 30 minutes. Can you please let me know if they don’t appear?

Yes, they did. I dont know if it was a problem w me or w the API but thank you nonetheless. :heart: