My ps4 account OmenCrusader isn't showing

isn’t showing for kills on Australian leaderboards. Fix this please.

Hello and welcome back @ThatShiCrayfish

I see you recently posted about this same issue here:

While I understand that no one has replied to your post yet, please understand that it hasn’t even yet been 24 hours since your previous post regarding the same issue. Please be courteous to other forum members and try not to open too many posts regarding the same issue so others in your position in the future can quickly find resolution.

I can see you’ve also had problems with the SplitGate leaderboards in the past. Back then, your account was renamed to what your TRN account says (ThatShiCrayfish) from a different name (velocityvulture). Have you recently renamed your PSN account to OmenCrusader, or is this a totally new account?

From what I can see on your profile, it does seem claimed, which means it is successfully linked to a TRN account (hopefully yours), and I do see you have your Geo settings up to date as I see the AUS flag on your profile. I can reproduce your reported error as I cannot find you listed on the AUS Ranked 4v4 Kills leaderboard. If you were on there, according to your profile, you should be listed fifth on that leaderboard with 1,888 kills.

One thing I’m noticing is that there are no PSN accounts listed on this leaderboard. This makes me think something systemic has occurred that is preventing the stats from PSN accounts from showing up. Unfortunately, that’s about as deep as I can dive as I do not work for TRN and cannot verify this information in any way.

Hopefully one of the capable staff members is able to find out more information for you and get you sorted.

EDIT: Fixed some reported ranking numbers

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I’m looking for overall kills which I should be placed 13 on the Aus leaderboards. Hopefully this gets fixed