My rank isnt updated

I am currently Plat 2 but it hasn’t updated for the past few days

Hi @erichii,

What is your Valorant nickname? Are you able to find your stats on our website?

ÙwÚ εяι #42069

yes i can see my stats on the siteÙwÚ%20εяι%2342069/overview

You probably need to play a Competitive match to update your rank. We rely on match data to update ranks in most cases.

I have the same problem past those last 2 acts my rank just wont update
I peaked immo3 400rr but it still says that i peaked immo2 112 Rr

Still happening as today. Rank shows up after the firsts 5 matches ( New player ), but website still displays Unranked. ( Currently Platinum 1 )

Hi @Apryed,

You need to play one more Competitive match to update your rank.

But I just got mine in-game.

Unfortunately, we cannot get your current rank directly due to limitations set by Riot Games. It is possible to update your rank only if you play one more match after your rank promotion or demotion.

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