My rp is not up to date

I should be 10,118 RP but it say i hv 0 Screenshot_16

my ID is RTB_Tiki1124

update the profile more than once

Never helps, I’ve tried to see my apex stats for the past month and ALWAYS says the same stats lol

there needs to be an actual change in the equipped stats for the update to count

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That makes sense however I have 500+ kills with octane now and my kills nor damage has changed on here. Do you mean equipped as in for my trackers in game? If so I have the ones equipped for the stats I’m talking about. Thank you in advance by the way! :slight_smile: I could be confused lol

make sure you’re not just having the issues described here:

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All of my trackers are base-game trackers, at least on the legend I’d like to see my stats for. I’m not overly worried about it just figured I’d ask! It’ll come around at some point.