Please note we have now pushed an update that will allow you to collect special event tracker data for all of the ‘Special Event’ Damage and Kill trackers as of 25th June. We shall be adding individual legend win trackers shortly

‘Why are my stats inaccurate on your site?’

When it comes to Apex Legends we are limited on what data we can pull from your account; however we can see the following

  • Your account level
  • Your current rank in all ranked playlists
  • Your currently selected legend
  • The trackers that are equipped on your current legend with limitations.

What limitations are in place?

Unfortunately trackers which came as rewards from ‘collection events’ are not currently something we can track accurately (Full list below) - The simple rule is basically “If the tracker has special artwork, it cannot be tracked”

All you need to do is equip the ‘standard/blank’ trackers and allow your profile to update. Obviously it’s not ideal and we’re doing our best to find a workaround in the future and we’ll make it clearer on profiles shortly!

As an example below - On the left, these ‘trackers’ would not be visible to us (Note the backgrounds) and the standard ‘trackers’ on the right would work fine!

Current list of missing trackers!

Marksman Weapon Kills - All Legends (On the way!)
Chaos Theory trackers for Fuse/Crypto
Apex Two Year Anniversary trackers for Wraith/Bangalore
Fightnight trackers for Pathfinder/Wattson
Holoday Bash trackers for Mirage
Fight or Fright trackers for Gibraltar
Aftermarket trackers for Rampart/Octane
Lost Treasures trackers for Lifeline/Loba
The Old Ways trackers for Bloodhound
Systems Override trackers for Revenant

(All of the above came with Kills/Wins/Damage Done trackers for the listed legends.)

Please equip standard trackers and update your profiles!

Any further issues; please do let us know!

Thank you

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Hey @ trackernetwork how come my Rampart trackers for season 8 wins don’t work? Is there a future fix so I can see how high I ranked amongst the top of the Rampart leaderboards?

Season 8 Trackers are a little on the spotty side; this sadly includes the rampart trackers you mentioned.

We’re aware of this issue and shall hopefully have a resolution down the line.

Thank you

My stats are slso not accurate its saids im bronse and many other stats are off so it woild really be nuce to get it fixed

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For ranked updates you need to actively play in the ranked segment of Apex.

What other stats are inaccurate after following the above guide?


mine are inaccurate too i have 7k kills in total and it says that i have 4k on tracker

Hello, I’m currently Plat 2 in arena this split, with 5752 AP. I was playing yesterday and have been playing ranked since the season came out. The TRN says that I have 0 AP and haven’t tracked any of my AP last season either? Please help, I’d like to see where I am on leaderboards without having to do an estimate. <3

hey guys my lifetime kills in apex on PSN show over 9000 kills. when i check your tracker site it only shows 6002 kills. can you fix that or is there something I can do to fix it?

thanks for help in advance

will someone answer?

My rank says Bronze 4, I do actively play ranked because I’m in Masters. So what’s going on there?

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I can’t find/link my origin profile on the Tracker Network name is Bin1y,pls.

Hello @Bin1y and welcome to the TRN forums.

Is this your profile?

Can you find mine and its nor TeriyakiSauceee with 3 e’s but 4 e’s

@TeriyakiSauce I am not finding your account listed with 4 "e"s at the end.

Can you confirm your Origin account name? Log into Origin, your account name will be listed on the bottom left corner of the screen after you log in.

If that’s correct, have you linked your account appropriately in the Linked Accounts section on TRN?

yes i have i made the account linked it to apex tracker but it still wont work

I see your Origin account, though it looks to be completely private:


Can you go to the EA settings for your account and check the Privacy Settings tab? Try turning “Profile Privacy” to “Everyone” and give it 24 hours to update completely.

ok ill try that thanks

My lifetime damage is completely off, my damage is over 3 million, currently not home but it says I have 10,000+ kills but only 359,000 damage can anyone help?

All my stats are Inaccurate, I have over 7k kills in arenas it says 5,771. I have over 5k Kills on wraith alone but I am not listed on the leaderboard for wraith Kills. my arenas wins are also not accurate i have over 1k wins you have 42?? The trackers are equipped and wraith is my main. Can this be fixed, I like the look an feel of the site although there are too many inaccuracies.