My stats are not being tracked and are stuck

I use TRN tracker and all operators stats are stuck on low hours when I have over 100 hours playtime.
All my overall stats are stuck from when I played the game in previous seasons, when I first got the game for example it states I have 109 matches however this season (Y6S4)
have played 151 matches alone with only 0.9kd which has weirdly tracked correctly but not have updated to my overall stats. This is for all overall stats like my headshot accuracy which differs to what it says on the Ubisoft tracker. My username is Leafzzzzz please help

This is really frustrating as I wanna see my progress, is there any fixes or staff i can get a hold of

This is a Ubisoft issue affecting all users. We have no update as to when this will be fixed.

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It says “this season” however my operator stats have been stuck for a long time. Also whne its fixed will it track all the stats this season and correct my overall??

Your stats won’t have updated since the 30th November. You don’t have any unique issue, it’s the same issue as everyone else.

We don’t know the state of the ubi data being withheld from us. Can’t answer that question with certainty.

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Ok thankyou for your help