My Stats aren't showing up/

Whenever I boot up R6 tracker, it shows the stats of one of my friends and not me. I thought it was because I was in the search tab but when i click the home tab it still shows his profile not mine. How do I make it show my profile?

Hey, did you try to play a match after this happened? It should reset after you play a match.
Also, when you go to app settings, can you please let me know what is the App version?

Hey @DankWalrus, looks like a repeating issue, can you help us by providing your logs? It will mean a lot to us to get this fixed.

This is how to do it:

  1. Right click on the Overwolf Icon on the bottom side of the screen (next to the clock)
  2. Click “Support”
  3. at the bottom of the window that was opened, there will be “create logs file”
  4. It will open the folder it saved the logs in
  5. please send it to us with a download link (google drive or anything you want)

Thank you!

i do not see the overwolf icon

Hey @DankWalrus, we released a fix for it. Can you please re-launch Overwolf and play one match? Thanks!