My stats have not tracked since November

I went onto trn tracker to see how I did this season only to find that not a single game since November has been tracked is there any way to fix this

Hi @ya_boii_SHANE,

You should open your profile regularly to track your matches. Some stats may be affected as well if you do not open your profile often enough. Unfortunately, there is currently nothing we can do as we are dealing with many limitations on the Ubisoft side.

So if I keep looking at it regularly it should work?

Hey there I’ve had the tracker open all day while I’ve been playing ranked and there is still nothing would ye be able to look into what is wrong?

Don’t understand the issue? Have you been looking at the wrong profile perhaps?

Oh it must be the app only so when I use the app it hasn’t tracked since November two years ago

I presume you are looking at the wrong profile on the app, just searched you up on our mobile app and the profile is working correctly.