My tracker account shows incorrect stats for battlefield 1 on PS4

My battlefield tracker account for battlefield 1 on PS4 shows many incorrect stats about my records. for instance, on the leaderboard for tanker kills the site shows I am ranked 94th with 1500 kills for 1300 hours played which is utter nonsense. I reckon I get about 1000 kills per week with my tanker class and I consistently play everyday for at least the past two years so the stat is incorrect. The site also attributes a lot of my kills and scores to classes I don’t often use like the armored train. The errors are too many to describe and I’m not sure what I need to do to have the issue addressed.

The site offered the premium subscription to get a more up to date and responsive experience. So is this just a marketing strategy to get more premium subscribers? Do I have to get the premium subscription to get the problem fixed? If so, I am definitely not falling for it. I tried contacting support but they gave me two options, get premium membership to get direct support or use this forum, which frankly seems cynical. Any ideas?