My TrackerggBot keeps having this annoying bug

“Miko#goku”: We could not find the player “Miko#goku”. Try running “!trackergg refresh” to refresh your accounts. | Miko#Goku: Ascendant 1

Thats the message that shows when I type !rank

I try removing the “Miko#goku”, but it says: Unable to remove Miko#goku
and it does even when i switch to Miko#Goku from Miko#goku
AND when I type !trackergg accounts it says: Riot Games: “Miko#goku” - Riot Games: Miko#Goku (Selected)

I refreshed multiple times, I unmod and mod the bot multiple times, it still has the same bug
Any idea how to fix this?

Hey @miko,

I don’t know if you’re still having this problem, but I think I might have just fixed it? I went through and completely unlinked (disconnected) the bot from my stream. I double checked by typing in !rank in my chat to make sure it really was. Then I went through and trashed the riot account attached. I then went back and linked my stream channel with the bot again (like how you did when you first connected trackergg). Then I made sure to go through the same process of adding in my account. See if that by any chance helped! If you have an alt account or something, just make sure to add the game it’s attached to- that’s where my problem started LOL

  • also I think make sure the capitalization and everything matches too when you do add through the command on twitch!