My weapon stats werent updated in a very long time now they're just totally incorrect

When will the weapon stats update correctly?

Quaz1moto#5086’s Competitive Weapon Stats - Valorant Tracker

Hi @Marqu4z4,

A bug was corrected on Saturday, your issue should have been fixed now? Weapon stats were fixed on the PC app today too.

If this is not the case, please let me know.


Hi itsPost! Just wanted to report that the weapon stats still seem strange, particularly pistol stats, for instance, the sheriff percentages switched from 60% Headshot and 38% Body to 38% HeadShots and 60% body, and while the Kill Per Round metric was still visible they were vastly inflated, I wish I were cracked enough to get 3 Kills Per Round with a Classic! haha

Hi, weapon headshot stats are temporarily limited and not showing for E5A2 or for lifetime. Are you sure you’re not reading your E5A3 stats which are only 1 day old?