My win streak isn’t correct on the tracker

I am playing Xdefiant and I am currently on a 30 win streak but the tracker only says my “current win streak” is 9 and that my “best win streak” is 20. I have had other people check for me aswell but they see the same thing as me. I am using the website as I can’t check the app as the app doesn’t have xdefiant on it yet. Is there anyway I can fix this as I should be 3rd in the UK for win streak.


I’ve already replied via other support channels, but I’ll also mention it here.

We’ve heard feedback re streaks not counting; while you may see one number in the game, we’re not seeing the same number on the API (API = how stats are delivered to us)

XDefiant has a few bugs with stats; we’re monitoring but cannot manually change your stats.