Networking Through TRN

I’ve noticed alot of people, for whatever reason, look up my profile on and I think it’d be a handy tool in passively promoting socials for up an coming creators. I myself only recently got into it, but I’m sure if 3,000+ people are interested in who I am as a player they might be interested in clicking hyperlinks connected to my account. Just a little twitch/youtube/tiktok embed that would take you to the player’s linked sites? Just a thought. Idk if you have to verify/authenticate with those 3rd parties or anything. Please do get back to me on this

Hi @Fauster,

We do promote your socials if you link them to your Tracker Network profile. You can notice the buttons on the right side of your profile:


I C. LOL Forgive me I hadn’t even noticed those!

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I didnt either until I just read this… lol