News: Destiny 1 Legacy Site - Available for a short time

Hey everyone,

A few people requested we allow users to access the Destiny 1 site for a little while longer after we took it down several weeks ago.

The site is now live but we do plan to close this next week~ please screenshot what you need now as we can’t keep this live forever.

Searching and viewing your profile should work properly but please note clicking on certain navigation tools will take you to the new Destiny 2 site.

Thank you

Please use the below link

Destiny 2 Stats, Leaderboards, Streams and more! (

  • Leaderboards will not display correctly

How about a deal? Stats available at the end of each month for a short time? Or maybe just tuesdays?

Also, were my stats still tracked while the tracker was down? Maybe a stupid question.

I speak for about 50 people who still Please guidance on how to make our own tracker? We really dont wanna d1 tracker go… clearly :stuck_out_tongue:

We are sad about shutting down our project too. We have kept the site running for a very small community for a very long time, but keeping it alive any longer poses various security risks and is quite expensive.

We will kill the site soon and it will no longer be available. I think that your stats should be up-to-date despite the shutdown, you can save your latest progress now.

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