No Live Match Tracking

there is no live match tracking. It only says “Waiting for the next Match… Join a match to see stats of your teammates and opponent.”.
My Counter-Strike 2 Tracker Version is 0.5.1 and my overwolf version is
I played Competitve, Premier und Wingman in the today and in the last days. I also linked my last match token, my Authentication Code and my steamaccount.
In the “Match History” i can see all my played games, but no live Match Infos.
I use fullscreen Windowed mode on a windows 10 pc.
Also also tried to exit cs2, overwolf and the tracker app. Then first start the Tracker app and then start cs2. Nothing changed.
Can anybody help me please?
Thanks a lot
huntepaddler (444.2 KB)

Hey, the app isn’t working as you need to enable the app’s overlay. If this setting is disabled, the app can’t recieve real-time game events.

I have the Overlay enabled. However, I still haven’t had any games or stats tracked for the last week.

Every single time you’re launching the game, the logs tell me the overlay is disabled.

I’d close CS2, open “Overwolf” from your PC, head to the settings page.


Check the overlay is enabled for CS2, even enable CSGO, see if that makes a difference perhaps.

thanks for your fast reply.
I am the original poster. There was another guy answering in this post.

I changed your settings to display the overlay. Unfortunately there is still no live data. But the circle beforce the “Live Match” is turning from grey to red. I think is a good thing. I tested it with arms race.

I start Overwolf and the CS 2 Tracker. After that i start cs2 und join a match. The Overlay of the Tracker appears but i cant click on it. Also the shortcut is not working. I have two monitors.

Can you help me pls?

Here are my new logs: (396.9 KB)

And here is a Screenshot:

I am the original poster. There was another guy answering in this post.

Ah, whoops!

The data the app is recieving from Overwolf is still rather strange. With the other issues you mentioned too, that’s odd. I’m leaning towards suggesting you close CS2, uninstall Overwolf (it’ll uninstall our app too), then redownload our app.

I’d launch the app before launching CS2, then testing in a different mode other than arms race (we should support arms race, but it works a little different to other modes).

Let me know how you get along :slight_smile:

i deinstalled overwolf und redownloaded your app the the provided link. i tested it with wingman, but it has the same behavior. i need to kill the app to gain access to my cs2 again.

here are the new logs: (313.2 KB)

I’m not sure why the Overwolf game events plugin just stops providing updates once the game’s started.

The only things I can suggest are:

  1. Removing the command lines from your launch options. I can see you’re using: -steam +exec

  2. Creating a ticket with Overwolf support, as the issue is on their end and my knowledge on the cause is limited:

Thank you very much for your help. I removed all launch options, but it doesn’t help. I will create a ticket with Overwolf support and give here and update if it helps.

It works now. I need to run the overwolf app as administrator.
Thanks for your great help and your nice program! :slight_smile:

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