No more Rating Progression for Un-Ranked?

Since the new season (11), the “Rating Progression” for Un-Ranked (Freeplay) has stopped.
The last point on the graph for myself and for whoever I look up is at most june 7th 2023 (2AM in UTC+2).

Ranked modes are updated fine, so maybe this is by choice. Has it been announced that Freeplay is no longer tracked ?


Hi, can you send a link to your RL profile page please?

sure, here it is:

Note: what I describe can be seen on every player’s rocket league profile page. (or at least all those I randomly tested)

If unclear, I am referring to this graph for “Un-ranked” playlist:

As visible, it ends on june 7th = end of season 10

Bump. Mine shows the same. TRN has been broken for RL since season 11 began. This isn’t my only problem I’ve been experiencing.

The weird thing is they’re still fetching unranked MMR, the latest value is displayed above the graph, and in the overview table.

As a software developper myself, I can confirm that fetching the rank is the hard part, keeping a history of those values is the easy part.

My guesses:

  • either no TRN employee has seen this bug report yet. The bug may be as primitive as needing to change a variable to show season 11. (seen a similar bug fixed when googling the matter before creating this bug report)
  • or there is a reliability problem with the MMR value they fetch, maybe it moves irratically
  • or it is a TRN server load thing. Maybe their stats show that tracking casual MMR is not a frequently used feature, and hence their choice to stop tracking it (at a high enough resolution for a graph)

The latter is why I also searched for announcements on the matter, and asked it in my first post.

Unless someone pokes them on twitter (I don’t use twitter), I don’t expect this to get noticed/fixed soon.

Looks like they finally fixed this on Sept. 21st. Only took three and a half months.

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Nice. Mine was fixed just now, sept 23.

When I saw your message 30min ago, I checked, and it wasn’t fixed yet for my profile.
But now that I wanted to respond, mine is fixed as well.

The two most recent points on my curve are:

  • that of june 7th (last before it broke)
  • one today, sept 23

Maybe they’re fixing in order of people visiting their profile. (I did check shortly after the current season started, but not since, until today)

If more points show up I will mark this resolved.

Hi @PoMo and @NghtmrAve,

Sorry, this post was lost and we were not aware of this issue for a long time. We received a new report a couple of days ago and fixed it as soon as we confirmed it.

If you notice a similar issue in the future, please feel free to create a new post and ping or DM me.



I understand that maybe staff is limited, but locking support behind a paywall causes things like this to fall through the cracks. Instead of being able to report a bug directly to TRN, we had to just speak it into the ether and hope someone on the team would notice.

I do appreciate that this platform is essentially free to use with limitations, but I’d really love to see a better way to report potential bugs to staff. Thank you for your help.

I assure you that the only difference between this forum, our Discord server and our Premium support is the response time. :slight_smile:

When you create a new thread here, you communicate with the TRN staff directly. I am one of the TRN developers and I try to respond to as many posts here as I can. Several other people from our team also reply and help here on a regular basis.

However, sometimes we are not around to reply quickly and some posts may be missed (especially, when there are too many posts at a time), while we have dedicated people who help us with the Premium support to allow faster response times.

Anyway, as I said in my previous message, if you find a new bug, feel free to ping me and I will assist you as soon as possible.


I’m a dev as well (in very different domain).

As for separate bug tracker:

I’ll go out on a limb and say that they, as most devs, would love for a way to get clearly documented, easily reproducible bugs in a separate way to support requests.

The problem is that the users with support requests (other than bugs) are by definition the users that misunderstood something or have encountered something they don’t understand or have done something in a way it was not meant to be done.

Separating bug tracker from support tracker is banking on those users to correctly choose between both. Meanwhile I might have doubts if stopping tracking of casual game mmr may in fact have been a choice (and not a bug).

tl;dr: lots of support requests will be submitted to the bugtracker and some bugs will be submitted to the support request forum. Now the devs need to check and keep track of two spots.

There are lots of ways to work around this, but none are perfect, and they also take time to put in place. That time could have been spent fixing bugs.

(I am presuming that the dev team is very small).

I’m happy this free service exists and will hence not even criticize. I’m sure they know how they could improve feedback collecting (there’s many things to take inspiration from), the fact they didn’t means there’s (time) constraints, and these will not change with negative feedback.

PS: sorry, my post comes across more strict than I wanted to. My thoughts were similar to what you wrote, but I didn’t write it, because writing it won’t improve the situation.