Not beiing put into next rank

Why wasent i put into the ranger division with almost 2000 experience point?

Hi. Fixed this for you. I think I may have discovered the bug that caused this issue. Did you have the app open at ~exactly 12am to check if you moved up a division?

I had the same thing happen to me.

I didnt realize if i had the app open at 12 a.m it wouldn’t count the matches i played before 12 a.m…

You think you could check mine also and fix it, so i can try to make it to Mythic…

Did this happen to you this week or last week (7 days ago)? @BackwoodsBoi87

I thought it would go here but i sent it in an email describing everything…

I’ll see if i can copy and paste it here though for you

This week… last night actually so I’m guessing this week

I was like 1 point away from keeping legend and I left the app open on my phone on the couch and when I picked it back up at like 12:05 to check and make sure I was still in Legend, I had fell back to the purple rank.

So I closed app and opened it and it said +43 or something like that but I was still in purple which I think it’s called Hero…

I have a different question I’ve been wondering…

So…I mainly play tournaments and I was wondering…

Does it count for every match played or does it count a tournament as 1 match played?

Sounds like the app did the “correct” thing then. If the XP isn’t collected by the 12am cutoff, you will not promote. This is sort of a limitation of our system where the XP is collected when the app is opened.

Generally we back-fill the XP so if you open the app at 12:05am it will still apply to the previous day if it was earned on that previous day, but the end of the week has a hard cutoff because that’s when the promotion is processed by an automated system. If you don’t have enough XP logged at that time, you will be demoted.

Each match should count as a separate match, regardless of where it is played (in a tournament or not.)

I had it open from 11:30pm or so and I only had like 21 to go and played in the tournament and some games afterwards, but didnt look until 12:05am. So it didnt give me the points until I had restarted the app then it said +40 something

So your saying I should not have had the app open at all while I’m playing games, or to reatart the app before 12 a.m on Sunday?

Bc i definitely should have stayed legend for sure, made sure of that but didn’t realize that there was a bug if I left the app open. So I guess i just have to wait until next week to see if I can hit Mythic…

I’ll promote you since it does appear you technically earned the XP. I was more outlining the challenges we face on our end that made giving you the rank difficult/not possible with the current system. Particularly with Rocket League, where our tracking is not as precise as we’d like it to be. I’d recommend trying to earn the needed XP a couple hours ahead of the cutoff.

Your division has been updated. Cheers.

Thanks bro, i sure do appreciate it!

Yes! I totally agree with you, I will definitely earn it before and not wait untill the last hour to try and do it…

I do have one more question and you can choose to answer or leave it a suprise?

How many ranks/divisions are there?

There are 5 divisions.

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