Not showing detailed stats?

I haven’t played destiny for over a year but just started getting back into it and went to destinytracker and when I went to see detailed stats it just says “No stats to show. Play some games”. Performance doesn’t have anything in it nor does Session Viewer even when I have been in a playlist for hours. The Overview tab does work along with showing my recent match history though. I used to use destinytracker a lot when I played a year and a half ago and never had this issue. I guess I could be doing something wrong but I can’t see other people’s stats either, which I don’t recall trying before so maybe it hasn’t been possible. I should add that I am signed into my Steam account and Bungie account. Anyone else have this issue or know what is wrong? I searched for answers but didn’t see any other posts about it. Thanks!

I have the same problem, how did u fix it?