Not showing up on any leaderboards?

Origin - AntonAlonso_VLKR. Leaderboard Kills, Spain

AntonAlonso_VLKR, BF 2042, Origin, not showing any leaderboard in Spain.


Zrobilem 32 kille w fortnite w jednym meczu na platformie xbox one trybie duo co zrobic aby tam byc

I am not showing in the BF2042 Revives leaderboard. I actually did in the past, but I am no longer on there. Not sure why. I do not show for the general leaderboard for revives or the regional one.

Etern1ty Switch on xbox for battlefield 2042 I should be top 50 canadian in a couple of categories but my name doesn’t show up

Hi I don’t see my name in battlefeild V leaderboard
But I can see battlefield 2042 in my name leaderboard

Username : anikuu
Platform : PlayStation
Game : Battlefeild V
Location : Myanmar

I am also not showing up on the leaderboards at all. When I go to my profile and click the Claim Profile button it takes me to the Linked Accounts page.

When I enter my origin username, which is, kpsowns, it says my old origin username which I used to use a few months ago is linked with my account.

I launch the game using Steam,
Origin username: kpsowns
Platform, PC/Steam/Origin

Hello, it seems I am also not being tracked on the Battlefield 2042 leaderboards.

Username: Sir Muffed
Platform: Xbox
Game: Battlefield 2042
Location: Canada

I am also not being tracked on the Battlefield 1 regional leaderboards.
Username: killspecter
Platform: PC
Game: Battlefield 1
Location: Bangladesh

My KD is 11.32 and im not visible in the leaderboard.

username: McNuckelDuPenner
platform: pc/origin
game: battlefield 2042
location germany