On site it says my account is banned it's not

my psn Hwntrr was previously linked to another Ubisoft acc (Mosh) that someone stole from me and cheated on PC, so I unlinked my playstation trough Ubisoft and I decided to link the psn (always Hwntrr) to a new Ubisoft Deleterio. which if u track it’s not banned or anything as it’s another Ubisoft. from the tracker it still says that I’m lvl 531 which was the lvl of the stolen account showing a season also the season when my account was stolen op heavy mettle". my psn never been banned obv cause I never cheated on console, and my new ubisoft: deleterio. also never been banned so I would like please if u synchronize in the right way my new psn Hwntrr with deleterio. Lvl 342 that has no ban
in fact if u tracker deleterio. it says lvl 342 with no ban history but if u track hwntrr it’s still shows the lvl and the ban from the past ubi, which ubi after my case allowed me to unlink

Before we consider ban removals, which we will only do in specific situations, can you please do me a favour and head to Account information (ubisoft.com) and screenshot your profile name (Top of the page) and your linked ID’s (Towards the bottom of the page)

I’ve looked through all of your ID’s noted above on Ubisofts own site and the data is all over the place; i’d like a more precise picture before I proceed further.

Also for ban removals we will need your chatlogs/evidence from Ubisoft that verifies you were not the user at the time of alleged cheating.

Thank you

as you can see from the top and bottom this are my accounts

before Hwntrr there was linked another account which was H9nterr but I unlinked today and linked again Hwntrr which was the psn linked to the stolen account and got unlinked from so they kept the Ubisoft and unliked my psn

I only play console never played pc so when the acc got banned obv my psn wasn’t nothing to do about it, I can’t show you my chat with Ubisoft of the stolen account because they kept it and unlinked my psn which was Hwntrr. so I today linked hwntrr to a new Ubisoft which is deleterio. which is level 342 and not 531 and obviously legit as I 've only always played console, playstation

@Hwntrr, Do me a favour and keep playing as usual for now. It’s entirely possible that if you have just swapped accounts, the data will need to be updated in the background; I’ll put a pin in this for now and come back tomorrow to review the accounts.

If we see issues tomorrow, I’ll pass this on to my colleague, who is more in tune with the workings of R6 than I am.

Given the 7-8 month gap between games played, I don’t wish to rush for a solution.

Thank you

okay thanks for the answer!

any news? I played some games yesterday and tomorrow and look

and I’m not banned or anything and my lvl is 343

@Hwntrr Please send over your chat logs from Ubisoft which confirm your account was compromised, and we’ll review the ban flag on your account for you.

You can DM here, or it may be easier to send them over via email to [email protected]

yes I’ve sent you a private message