Overwatch 2 tracker generally not working

The Overawatch 2 tracker I think just don’t work at all anymore. When I tried to search my account, it said it couldn’t even find it. When I searched my friends’ account the same message came up, that it couldn’t find the account. When I tried to go to the general leaderboards, it just kept loading indefinitely. I have also seen several reports of the same issue that are over a year and a half old. It may be that the tracker isn’t updated as to where it is looking at Overwatch 2. That may be the problem. If it is the problem, an Overwatch 2 tracker would be great, considering just “Overwatch” doesn’t even exist anymore.

Hi, it’s likely the leaderboard issue is on our end.

What is your battlenet name and tag please? It’d be great if you could include your friend’s username too.
I’d like to check if the issue is on Blizzard’s end, there are a lot of issues that require attention on their end.