Overwatch account not found

When i try signing in to my overwatch account it says account not found when my account is public and can be found on the battle.net website

@Kingstar53 According to the official Overwatch site the id ‘Kingstar#21685’ doesn’t exist as you can see here: Overwatch 2 - Player Search (blizzard.com)

Are you sure that’s the correct ID? - Feel free to copy/paste the URL of your profile direct from Blizzards site for review

Here is a link to my profile, although it says for me that the account is private I have already made it public in game but it still refuses to change it on the blizzard website but maybe it’s a bug and you can view it

Nevermind the problem seemed to have solved itself the account just took a while to change from private to public , thanks for your help

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