Overwolf TRN app

I mainly play 3v3. For example the issue is: I join a game. The game auto looks up everyone’s ratings on the quick info overlay of game client etc. But most games the box takes too long to move away, obscuring if I have a tm8 on the kickoff on my left.

How do I shorten the time it takes to auto hide to kick in? or move the quick info overlay around somewhere else on the game client?

Hi @Key_to_the_gate,

There is currently no way to configure when the overlay should be hidden automatically. However, you can change its behavior in the app settings:

For example, if you do not want it to appear on your screen automatically, you can use the hotkey to show or hide the app manually only when you need it.

yep, this is a problem. we need to be able to adjust the amount of time the overlay is visible and we need to be able to change the orientation / position of the overlay. same problem cant see tm8 kickoff position.

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This is still an issue to this day. I understand you just program the app and probably dont play RL. The quick info box also stays up if you join a training pack sometimes. forcing the user to user ctrl+r which means I have to take hands off my controller. Happens when auto-filling casual games as well. I love knowing the rating of my opp ahead of time to make minor inferences to how I need to play or against the opp. Which is why I still love and use this app, just want to make it closer to perfect for those of us who do use this MS Tracker app daily like I do.

Hi @Key_to_the_gate,

Thank you for your feedback. Do I get it right that the app window does not go away automatically sometimes? Also, have you tried a second screen option if you have multiple monitors?

By the way, we do have some people in the team who play Rocket League regularly (they do not develop the app though). We are discussing how we can improve showing/hiding the app window and, hopefully, we will be able to provide better experience in the future.

Please let me know if you have other ideas for the app and we will discuss them internally as well.